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Istanbul Congress Center

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Click to download brochure about changing the worlwide perception towards terminal industries, created to support sector industries, enriched with innovative view and opinions, through land, sea, air and railroad network areas.

Visitor Profile

•Ministry of Transportation, High Level Executives and Purchasers
•Municipality Presidents and Managers of Municipality Transportation Services
•Transportation Contractors And Construction Companies
•Railroad, Land, Air and Sea Way Terminal Managements and Purchasers
•Architects, Project Teams and Consultant Engineers of Terminals
•Airport and Railroad managements
•International Air, Land, Sea and Railroads Country Representatives
•Local and International Terminal Administrators
•Heavy Industry Companies
•Technology Companies
•Infrastructure Provider Company Representatives
•Replacement Part Manufacturers
•International Contract Companies

Exhibitor Profile

Architecture, Interior Architecture, Construction and Engineering Companies
Logistic Companies
Furniture and Waiting Equipment Manufacturers
Package Shipment Systems Companies
Check-in Kiosk and Technologies Companies
Communication and Wireless network application companies
Cleaning System Providers
Catering Companies
Security Companies
Vehicle Park Systems
Emergency and Fire Protection Companies
Lighting Companies
Forwarding Companies
Insurance Companies
Consultancy and Project Management Companies
Other Technology Companies


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‘’ Republic of Turkey General Directorate Of State Airports Authority’’

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